Looking for an actual person at this point.  

RoughSexOnly23 25M
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9/23/2021 3:12 am
Looking for an actual person at this point.

I've been for a couple weeks now and I found maybe 2 or 3 people who actually are and talk. I mean I know it says I'm just looking for sex but shit I am a normal person and I do like conversate every now and then. Well if anybody is interested in talking II feel that I am of average intelligence maybe little more than average, And I may not know a lot about onething but I know a little about everything And I love learn new things every day So anybody out there who wants talk or even wants fuck if I'm down just message or text me

SpankmeMissy 45F  
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10/1/2021 6:43 pm

Hi...I'm looking for a.real person too...sex is great but I'd love to find a FWB that I can talk to as well....

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